2018 IACP Tech Conference

It was an honor to be selected as a speaker for the 2018 International Association of Chief's of Police Tech Conference!

My presentation The Power of Data: The Complete Beginners Data Warehouse Kit session had about 50 people attending (including the Director of Analytics from NYPD but I didn't know that until later in the week) and it was a successful presentation. I presented on the first day of the conference which is a great day to go!! I met a lot of new people during the event and am excited to continue in public speaking.

One of the themes of the IACP Tech Conference this year was automation and using the technology we have to do repetitive and mundane tasks. The keynote speaker Christina "CK" Kerley's topic directly referenced automation which is one of the primary benefits of the Data Warehouse I designed and built for the Albuquerque Police Department.

While the primary purpose of the DW is to comply with the DOJ Settlement Agreement there are benefits outside of that scope that have an impact on administrative compliance within the Department. Because the DW exists we have been able to implement automated notifications when CAD Number on report does not match the CAD Number to which the case was issued or when additional documentation, like a tow sheet, DV Questionnaire or Crisis Intervention Team worksheet, is missing. Catching this discrepancy as close to the source entry as possible reduces the cost to correct it. We have been able to streamline the process to collect files for Discovery to the District Attorneys office by emailing all related case files to the appropriate staff. We have eliminated the need for officers to tag body cam videos by automating that process. We have eliminated the need for officers to tally and track daily tasks on a spreadsheet to show activity metrics like Calls for Service and Citations by creating a report that summarizes the data in the operational transactional systems where those activities are recorded.

We have also been able to provide almost real time information about reports status to the officers directly by creating a report that they can run on demand. This has eliminated thousands of man hours in our Records Department reconciling the various systems where the report workflow is contained.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the improvements and automations that we currently have in place. We are on track to start designing a Crime Data Warehouse to enhance the capabilities of our Real Time Crime Center. We are working on advanced reporting and dashboards to allow supervisors to see how their team is complying with, what is increasingly becoming a large part of police work, additional paperwork.

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