ACE? Like a Card?

Last fall I saw an announcement from Chris Hyde t that he had been selected as a 2018 Idera ACE. I was excited for him but really had no idea what that meant. Then a couple of other people I follow on Twitter were also talking about being an Ace, like Amy Herold t and Tracy Boggiano t. So in the fall of 2018 when I saw a call for applications for the 2019 Idera ACE Candidates, I decided to apply. I really had no idea what being an Idera ACE entailed but as part of my goal of increasing my exposure within the SQL community I figured what did I have to lose?? It might be something cool (and it is!!)

I submitted my application mid-August and was told that they would be accepting them until October, so I had a while to wait. Imagine my surprise to get an email the beginning of September requesting an interview! I had my interview towards the end of September and then more waiting. And then October 12th, the day before my birthday, I got the news - I had been selected! But couldn't tell anyone! (although I did tell my family and my friend Angela Tidwell t)

Then FINALLY during PASS Summit 2018 the announcement was finally official and we could tell!

So what does it mean to be an Idera ACE? Well, they sponsor me! They will reimburse some travel expenses and I am expected to announce their sponsorship at those events and wear my Idera ACE shirt. I am going to be writing a couple of blogs to post on the Idera Community Forum Blog, participating in #SQLChat and continue to be involved in the SQL Community.

The class of 2019 includes some amazing people! I am honored to be selected with:

Ginger Grant

Matt Gordon

Eric Blinn

Elizabeth Noble

Angela Tidwell

Samir Behara

Mitchell Bottel

Mohammad Darab

You can read the official announcement to learn more about my fellow ACEs. Congratulations everyone!

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