Summit 2018 - Big News

After #SQLSatDenver, I was sitting at the Dave & Buster's after party waiting for the food (which was epic and deserves its own blog post but I'll let someone else write it!) when I decided to check my email. Imagine my surprise to see an email with the subject line "Speaker Idol 2018 Selection". I just sat there for a second kind of stunned and I turned my phone around so that my bestie Amanda Tidwell could see it. I have to admit, I stood up, got everyone's attention and told them, "I just want to let everyone know I was selected for Speaker Idol!" and everyone cheered for me.

Thanks Denny for selecting me!

Now I am struggling to come up with a topic! What to say in 5 minutes that gets a point or two across in such a short time?! I am not the most technical person and I think that most of the talks are pretty technical. I am a solution finder, a puzzle solver, I like to arrange the data and make the models, but those aren't very technical tasks. I thought about changing culture to be more data aware but that had some serious issues. I got a suggestion for a basic comparison talk but I was not feeling inspired by it. I think I have decided on a different topic that I feel I can work with. Off to work on it now! See you at Summit!

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