T-SQL Tuesday #122 - What do I know?

What do I know? Nothing more than what I have read and learned. I don’t have any special certifications (yet) or training. I am just regurgitating information that is already out there, why should these people listen to me?

These are the things that I think to myself every time I am about to do a SQL Saturday presentation, or a webinar, or any other situation where I am sharing what I know about a topic.

IMPOSTER SYNDROME – it’s a struggle.

Today’s T-SQL Tuesday topic is hosted by Jon Shaulis [blog|twitter] and he invited us to write about experiencing and overcoming Imposter Syndrome. I experience it all the time when I am speaking.

I have been speaking publicly for just over 2 years now. I have been accepted to speak at almost 20 SQL Saturdays. Later this year I will be speaking at Enterprise Data World. I have done webinars. I was an Idera ACE in 2019. And yet, EVERY TIME I am about to speak I feel inadequate, doubt myself, and wonder:

"WTF am I doing here, (AGAIN)?"

Obviously, I cannot contribute to the overcoming portion of the topic, but I don’t know if you ever really do overcome it. Almost all the speakers I know suffer from imposter syndrome. People that I think of as SuperStars, who I try to emulate and aspire to be like, and if THEY feel like that too, then maybe it is just part of a higher awareness or consciousness to acknowledge this feeling?

But I can tell you that I persevere. I like sharing knowledge and teaching people. Maybe there is someone out there that I can help understand something, I can see that light bulb of comprehension, or help them figure out that tricky problem.

And every once in a while someone will do something that helps you believe in yourself and your ability to accomplish that goal.

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