Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

I was talking with my sister recently and she mentioned that in my blog post

I sounded a lot like my grandmother in my reiteration that I didn't win anything at the raffles. I decided I needed to write an update!

During the door prize drawings in #SQLSatSiouxFalls, I kept thinking how nice it would be to win some of the prizes that were being offered. Let me tell you, they had some GREAT door prizes, PS4, drones, nice earbuds, gift cards...the list of items was awesome. Then Adam puts a Sony Sound Bar out and the first thing I think is, "I wonder how I would get that home?" because it is fairly large and awkwardly packaged for travel.

Imagine the box that held this item...a weird L shape.

Then he called my name! My next thought was, "I guess I'll find out!"

I tried to swap it for the drone or the PS4 but neither of those winners was willing. So I checked it on the plane and it went to the over-sized cargo section. Which was good because it was delayed and arrived a day after me but wasn't just put out on the merry go round for someone to snag!

Great door prizes from the sponsors is just one more thing to love about SQL Saturdays!

By the way, the TV sounds great.

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